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history of brickyard  


    According to the authenticated deed dated on 30.04.1949 the owners of the brickyard were in 2/3 parts grandparents Stanisław and Stanisława Spież and in1/3 part our father Czesław Sieradzki. Just before the war in 1937 our grandfather was the tenant of the brickyard and ran it with great success. After the war, despite the fact that the renting contract did not finish, our grandfather at the owner’s request resigned and this factory till 1948 was ran by Zbigniew Wójtowicz until it was sold to our granfather and father. The brickyard was at that time very neglected and in debts, a lot of work had to be done and money paid to make the factory work again.

In 12.06.1950 the brickyard was taken over under obligatory state management. From the report we know that it was in a very good technical condition, productive and had technical and raw material infrastructure, was not  in debts and the owners ran commmercial activity.
    Our mother Lucyna Sieradzka together with her sister Danuta Nowakowska asked for returning of the brickyard – the letter dated on 27.11.1989 registered in Ministry of Industry and Commerce no 65.

After many efforts connected with many visits in Warszawa and providing additional documents 07.08.1995 the decision, which said that the brickhouse was taken over under obligatory state management, was withdrawn. Despite our many efforts, then user Krotoszyńskie Business of Building Ceramics „CERABUD” Joint – Stock Company in Krotoszyn was delaying the giving back of our company. In August 1999 we applied to District Court in Kalisz to get the factory back. In such situation KPCB „CERABUD” during trial on 12.10.1999  made a contract with us and under the deal dated on 02.11.1999 we took over the brickyard.
    Till the end of December 1999 KPCB „CERABUD” ran the brickyard as a tenant. Next Piotr and Marek Sieradzki together with other co-owners drew up an agreement, according to which Piotr and Marek Sieradzki run the factory as Company & Co.  Management over the factory co – owners took on 01.01.2000. During Januray essential renovations had been made and at the beginning of February the production started.

In 2003 Company & Co was converted into General Partnership. In September Wioletta Sieradzka, Marek Sieradzki’s wife, joined the partnership. After modernisation of the production line, apart from whole brick we started to produce hollow block U – 220, brick K -3, brick K-1 and air hollow block. At this time many brickyards in the neighbourhood, and also in the whole country, because of financial problems, collapsed or were closed it did not happen to us thanks to permanent growth in quality of our brick.

In our brickyard the machines were modernised, the production process was automatized and at the same time the usage of electricity and fuel was lowered. Thanks to that the costs of products could be limited.

Introduced investments:

Technical –
90% of power drives carried out by inverters.

Technological –
admixtures to raw materials such as furnace slags and cinders were excluded thanks to that we manufacture products which are entirely ecological.

In October 2006 Marek Sieradzki died but all the other co – owners run the company under the name:

Brickyard Cienia I Sieradzcy General Partnership

We achieve successes in permanent improving of quality of manufactured products thanks to that these are used among other things during renovation of buildings which are under environmental conservation.






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